Bylaws for the Orange Media Network  Advisory Board, Oregon State University

This board shall be known as the Orange Media Network Student Advisory Board of Oregon State University (Student Advisory Board).

The role of the Oregon State University Orange Media Network Student Advisory Board is to assist Orange Media Network in the effective and professional conduct of their operations and to advocate for their interests and well-being. The authority of the Student Media Committee is derived through the Office of the Vice Provost of Student Affairs.

Student Media, as defined herein, is any publications (print, electronic or broadcast) that meet the following criteria:

  1. Content or programming is the product of student effort and is controlled and determined by a student editor or manager. 

  2. In content, mission, and employment of student staff, the media serves the OSU community. 

  3. Orange Media Network is the designated fiduciary agent 

This document describes the organization of the committee and the scope of the activities it may undertake to fulfill its responsibilities.

 Freedom of the Press

Students of Oregon State University have the undeniable right as guaranteed by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution to speak, write and publish their sentiments freely on all subjects The student media of Oregon State University is free of censorship and advance approval of content. Student editors and managers must be free to develop their own editorial policies, content, programming and news coverage. An editorially independent and active press (broadcast, print, online)—is a basic right in a free and democratic society and is valuable in promoting the development of students as socially responsible, engaged persons.

Accordingly, it is the responsibility of the committee to ensure a free student press and to resist interference with this principle. Students alone are responsible for the content, character, and design of their media, and students alone are responsible for their broadcast programming, consistent with FCC regulations. It is the committee’s expectation that editorial and programming decisions be consistent with accepted principles of journalistic and broadcasting ethics, and that the students within student media strive for accuracy, fairness, and service to their readers, listeners, and viewers. The committee expects student media student leaders to seek professional advice and legal assistance when confronted with editorial and operational questions.

Oregon State University shall make no rule, regulation or policy that abridges students' freedom of speech and of the press. To protect these freedoms, Oregon State University prohibits any university official from requiring student or professional staff members to submit materials for prior review or imposing sanctions against any student or Orange Media Network professional staff member on the basis of the content of any student publication or broadcast. University officials, faculty, staff or agencies shall neither directly, or indirectly, compel nor prohibit speech on the basis of the views expressed. Moreover, university officials and committees shall not deny funding based on the content of these publications and broadcasts.

 Orange Media Network

Orange Media Network is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the student media, exclusive of managing editorial content. Its chief function is to provide financial, technical, advisory, administrative and sales support for the media. OMN is a university department under Student Affairs and does not report to the Student Media Committee.

The OMN Student Advisory Board is a forum for students, faculty and staff to provide feedback and advise the operational policies of Orange Media Network and select the content-deciding student leaders of Orange Media Network.


Orange Media Network Student Advisory Board shall serve the following purposes for the benefit of Oregon State University (OSU) students:

1. Review and make recommendations regarding proposed increases in the annual budget of Orange Media Network.

2. Review unit programs, services and facilities and make recommendations to staff to support and enhance the success of OSU students.

3. Serve as a sounding board for the leadership of OMN

4. Serve as a liaison between OMN and the campus and community at-large

5. Participate in the review and selection of the Orange Media Network student leaders

6. Identify initiatives that promote traditionally under-represented voices in media

7. Evaluate and recommend changes to OMN programs and services based on the best interests of OSU students

8. Provide, with the help of professional staff, input for long-range planning and goals in all areas of responsibility

9. Provide mediation for unresolved community complaints

   Section A: Eligibility

  1. All students currently enrolled at OSU that are paying student fees are eligible for nomination and appointment to the Orange Media Network Student Advisory Board. Eligibility requirements must be followed for the duration of the position.  
  2. When considering eligibility, the following statement will be considered heavily:
    1. Oregon State University aspires to be a collaborative, inclusive and caring community that strives for equity and equal opportunity in everything we do; that creates a welcoming environment and enables success for people from all walks of life; and that shares common, fundamental values grounded in justice, civility and respect while looking to our diversity as a source of enrichment and strength.

Section B: Method of Selecting Members

  1. The members of the Orange Media Network Student Advisory Board shall be selected and appointed through open application and recommendation processes.
    1. The Student Advisory Board is comprised of 14 voting student seats, and 2 voting faculty/staff positions.
    2. (8) Voting members of the Student Advisory Board will be selected by:  DCE (1) , DAS (2), CFSL(1) , INTO (1) , ASOSU(1) , Clubs & Orgs(1). 
    3. Each content-deciding student leader of OMN (“student leaders”) also has a voting seat (6): Editor-in-Chief of The Baro, Editor-in-Chief of Prism, Editor-in-Chief of Beavers Digest, Editor-in-Chief of DAMChic, OMN Web & Mobile Manager, Station Manager of KBVR-TV and Station Manager of KBVR-FM.
    4. Nominations for membership are made by directors of nominating units, their designee, or in the case of ASOSU the president of ASOSU. All student representatives of these areas must be otherwise unaffiliated with OMN.
    5.  For OMN student positions, the board selects their representatives at their election meeting in the spring, to occur on the second or third Tuesday of April each year.
    6. Nominations must be completed by the second week of fall term and submit the recommendations for those appointed to the current Student Advisory Board for approval at the next regularly scheduled meeting.
    7. The newly appointed Student Advisory Board will formally take office in the October meeting and conclude on the May meeting the following year.
    8. The Student Advisory Board and Advisor are responsible for timely communications to the campus community of the Board’s recruitment and appointment timelines.
    9. Any student vacancy shall be filled by contacting the nominating organization for a new nomination. Should no nominations be made, advertisements will go out through The Barometer and social media channels to solicit applications. The board will then select from the applicants.
    10. Any faculty/staff vacancy will be filled by the Unit Director, the Budget Manager, or their designee.
  2. The OMN Student Advisory Board shall have 14 student members, each will serve a single academic year appointment, with renewal of up to three years:
    1. One undergraduate representative appointed by the ASOSU, not otherwise associated with Orange Media network
    2. One graduate student appointed by DCE, not otherwise associated with Orange Media Network
    3. Two undergraduate students appointed by DAS, not otherwise associated with Orange Media Network
    4. One undergraduate student appointed by CFSL, not otherwise associated with Orange Media Network
    5. One undergraduate student appointed by INTO, not otherwise associated with Orange Media Network
    6. One undergraduate student appointed by OSUPC, not otherwise associated with Orange Media Network
    7. One undergraduate student appointed by Clubs & Orgs, not otherwise associated with Orange Media Network
    8. The Editor-in-Chief of The Barometer
    9. The Editor-in-Chief of Prism
    10. The Editor-in-Chief of Beavers Digest
    11. The Editor-in-Chief of DAMchic
    12. The Station Manager of KBVR-TV
    13. The Station Manager of KBVR-FM
  3. The Student Advisory Board shall have 2 faculty/staff members as appointed by the Budget Manager serving a 1 academic year appointment.
  4. The Student Advisory Board shall have the ex-officio members:
    1. Director of OMN
    2. Assistant Director of OMN

Section C: Types of Members

  1. All students serving on the Committee shall be active members and have full voting rights, with the exception of any conflicts of interest.
  2. Faculty/staff members on the Student Advisory Board will be active members with full voting rights.

Section D: Methods of Revoking Membership

  1. The Student Advisory Board shall review the status of any member with two consecutive unexcused absences. Sending a proxy does not constitute an unexcused absence. The Chair should be notified of absences at least 24 hours in advance when possible. Membership shall be revoked upon 2/3 vote of the Student Advisory Board at any scheduled meeting constituting a quorum.

Section A: Listing of Officers

  1. The officers of the Student Advisory Board shall be:
    1. Chair
    2. Vice Chair

Section B: Powers and Duties of Officers

  1. The Chair shall have the following duties:
    1. The Chair presides over the Student Advisory Board meetings
    2. Shall represent the Student Advisory Board at meetings and functions of the University as requested
    3. Act as the formal liaison with other Student Advisory Boards within Student Affairs
    4. In consultation with the Student Advisory Board officers and advisor, prepare the agenda for each regularly scheduled meeting
  2. The Vice Chair shall have the following duties:
    1. The Vice Chair shall substitute for the Chair at meetings and functions in the absence of the Chair
    2. Shall be the formal liaison with unit staff
    3. Initiate special projects on behalf of the Student Advisory Board

Section C: Election

  1. Qualifications of Officers
    1. All officers shall be active members with full voting rights of the Student Advisory Board.
    2. All the officers must be students that are paying student fees
  2. Nominating Procedure
    1. Candidates may be self-nominated or nominated from the floor.
  3. Election of officers shall be done by simple vote and will be decided by simple majority.
  4. Term of Office
    1. An officer shall serve a one-school-year term. Election of officers shall occur during the October meeting or any time there is a vacancy.
    2. In the event of a tie, the ex-officio members will cast tie-breaking votes

Section D: Procedure to Fill Officer Vacancies

  1. Vacancies of an office shall be filled by election from within the Student Advisory Board.

Section E: Organizational structure

  1. Executive Committee
    1. The Executive Committee shall be comprised of the Chair, Vice Chair and the Student Advisory Board Advisor.

Section A: Procedure to fill content deciding student leader positions ("student leaders")

  1. Applicants shall submit the proper application forms at filing times, to be announced in The Daily Barometer two weeks prior to application deadline, and interview before the Student Advisory Board at the March or April meeting.

    Applicants will complete a presentation and question and answer session with a quorum of the board (not to exceed 15 minutes per candidate) at the March or April meeting. Following the final presentation, the committee will go into executive session to review the candidates. The committee will re-open to the public to cast paper ballots.

    Ballots will be tallied by the chair and a second member of the committee, and confirmed by the member of OMN’s professional staff.

    Results will be announced immediately.

    All applicants meeting minimum qualifications will have an opportunity to present to the committee. All applicants will be heard in the same meeting of the committee.


    In the event of an unforeseen circumstance and a need to conduct the election remotely, the committee will meet by ZOOM and candidates will submit a pre-recorded presentation, making themselves available for questions by the committee during the date and time of the election meeting.


    The following criteria must be met by all applying for student leader positions at OMN:


    A. Applicants shall be fee-paying students enrolled at Oregon State University who are not on academic or disciplinary probation, or who are on their “off” term.


    B. Applicants shall have at least a 2.5 cumulative grade point average.


    C. Applicants shall not hold an elective or appointive position in student government during their tenure as a manager for OMN.


    D. Those appointed shall accept the leadership duties and responsibilities as defined in their job description.


    E. Terms of appointment for student leaders shall conform to the job descriptions. All student leaders are eligible to apply for additional terms.


    F. Student leaders shall be responsible for selecting and organizing their respective staffs. Each shall have the authority to remove any staff member duly appointed, subject to the policies and procedures established by Orange Media Network and OSU HR, and each shall inform his/her professional staff adviser and the director of any changes.


    G. The Student Leaders selected by this committee will be limited to the most senior content creating student leaders of OMN: The Editor-in-Chiefs of Prism, Beavers Digest, DAMchic, Daily Barometer; and the station managers of KBVR-FM and KBVR-TV.

Section B: Filling vacancies of student leader positions

In the event of the resignation of a student leader or a vacancy resulting from unforeseen circumstances, an interim appointment shall be made by the director in consultation with the relevant student leaders, student staff, and professional staff.

The interim appointee will fill the role immediately and may petition the board in writing for permanent appointment to occur at one of the next two regular board meetings. The interim appointee shall forward that petition to the chair of the board prior to that meeting, and cc the director. The interim appointee will then have an opportunity to make a brief presentation and participate in a Q&A, as all other student leader applicants do in the regular selection process, at that meeting. The committee will then vote to appoint or reject the candidate, following the same process as outlined for regular student leader appointment.

Section A: Advisor

The Director and an Assistant Director as the Director’s proxy will serve as advisers of the committee.

Section B: Ex Officio

The Director and Assistant Director(s)

Section A: Attendance

  1. All members are expected to attend and participate in all scheduled meetings and events. Excused absences shall be granted to members who notify any officer or advisor for the following reasons: medical/family emergency, academic priority, university event, or out of town travel. The Student Advisory Board shall review all other reasons.

Section B: Frequency of Meetings

1. Meetings shall be held on the last Tuesday of every month during the academic year unless otherwise noted.

2. Any member of the Executive Committee or any three members may call special meetings.

3. All regular business meetings of the Student Advisory Board must be advertised publicly and broadly a minimum of 48 hours in advance.

Section C: Public Meetings Rules of Conduct

  1. All meetings are open to the public pursuant to the Oregon Public Meetings Law.
  2. The Robert’s Rules of Order (Newly Revised) shall guide meetings, at the discretion of the Chair.

Section D: Quorum

  1. One more than fifty (50) percent of the voting membership shall constitute quorum. A quorum is necessary to conduct official business of the Student Advisory Board.

Section E: Minutes

  1. Official minutes shall be completed by unit support staff, or other appointed officer, and distributed for approval by the Student Advisory Board.
  2. Minutes are to be forwarded to Student Advisory Board members no less than two (2) days prior to the next scheduled meeting.
  3. Approved minutes shall be distributed electronically to staff and available upon request to any fee-paying student at Oregon State University.

Section F: Use of Recognized Authority

  1. A Student Advisory Board member speaks for themselves unless a statement of decision is approved by a vote of the Student Advisory Board.

The Bylaws of the Student Advisory Board may be amended by a 2/3 vote of the Advisory at any scheduled meeting constituting a quorum. The proposed amendments shall be submitted in writing and read to the Student Advisory Board at a regularly scheduled meeting; the vote will be taken at the next regularly scheduled meeting following the reading.

Previous Effective Dates of Bylaws:

  • Bylaws updated and went into effect March 10, 2020
  • Article numbers corrected & formatting updated to enhance readability October 21, 2019
  • Updated March 2018
  • Revision October 3, 2017
  • Established October 2015

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Bylaws updated and went into effect March 10, 2020