I. Call to order

Hair Kiara Guerrero of DCE called the meeting to order at 4 p.m.





Zachary Kowash, Center for Fraternity & Sorority Life

Mimi Jeandheur, station manager of KBVR-FM

Steven Sandberg, assistant director of OMN

Mukund Sammi, Clubs & Orgs

Kate Zaine, station manager of KBVR-TV

Megan Ho, OSUPC

Augie Schoonveld, UHDS

Emma Coke, Beaver's Digest

Elizabeth Nguyen, proxy for David Seaton, Student at Large

Chaya Barratt, DAMchic

Katie Livermore, editor of The Barometer


Not present: Andy Arnold, ASOSU; Sailor Tungkawachara, Prism editor; Jill St. Jacques, SWLF and Jaskaran Singh Sidhu, INTO.


Journalism adviser Jennifer Moody was in attendance to take minutes.


II. One-minute check-ins

Members took turns updating the rest of the board about their areas. Of note:

  • FM: Wrapped up training of new volunteer DJs and podcasters. Goal for next term is getting more listeners.
  • DAMchic: Fall magazine is coming out Friday and the launch party will be that night with OSUPC's Murder Mystery. We have swapped themes for Winter and Spring; Winter's theme will now be Pride and Spring's theme will be cultural heritage and fashion.
  • Baro: We are continuing this year with theme-based newspapers to differentiate between paper and online content. September was Back to School, October was Changemakers, November was the commemorative edition of the final Rivalry Game and December, coming out on the 4th, will be Spirituality. We are hoping to improve accessibility by making our stories audible and we are seeking volunteer readers.
  • Beaver's Digest: We have our fall issue out and just finished writing for winter, which comes out at the end of January.
  • TV: Our shows have wrapped for the term. This is the last week of production for Show & Tell and Lyrical Lounge.
  • DCE: We are setting our final events for the term.
  • Clubs: Wrapping up.
  • OSUPC: Murder Mystery on Friday as a partnership with DAMchic's launch. Drag Bingo is coming!
  • UHDS: Making efforts to connect with students battling homesickness to help them find community and belonging.


III. Review, BD and Baro

Board members took turns commenting on the latest publications of Beaver's Digest and The Barometer. 


Among comments for BD:

  • Kiera: Loved the different art styles on each page.
  • Zach: Loved the STEM-based stories and fun facts.
  • Mimi: I share a desk area with Ashton (Creative Lead) and got to see the process close up; how should we space this headline, how can I make this not so blue-heavy. It was really impressive.
  • Augie: I liked that my hall, Sackett, got a shoutout. Note that the worst part of the basement is mold, not ghosts. I would have suggested our RD as a source.
  • Chaya: I loved the design. Very cohesive while still having a signature style. And LOVED the I-Spy cover!
  • Mimi: I really liked that the style served to amplify the voice of the writer.


Among comments for Baro:

  • Kiara: It was smart to do something commemorative for the last Rivalry Game. The graphics and layout were good, the A1 game info was very clear.
  • Megan: Loved the poster insert, great gift for readers to share.
  • Zach: Turnaround time impressive! Also loved the variety of articles; uniform fashion, etc.
  • Augie: Timing was impeccable. It was really well put together and there was a lot TO write about. Tough game.


Steven: Baro, did we get any reader response?

Katie: We got requests from people asking for copies, and we had a really nice email from Jillian St. Jacques saying we had done really well. 

Steven: How will you keep up that level of success?

Katie: We will continue to concentrate on teamwork, joint story effort, editing collaboration and celebrations of success.



IV. Goals

Board members took turns talking about goals for their areas.

  • CFSL is going to work on forming more partnerships for events and initiatives. 

    FM will be working to improve its outreach and listener count. The station is planning T-shirts and giveaways to promote logo recognition and then measure who responds to the contest entries.

  • DAMchic is concentrating on rebuilding its social media, having become locked out of its former Instagram page. 
  • Baro will be working on onboarding its new Social Justice reporter and promoting accessibility to its content.
  • BD wants to re-energize its staff and work on better communication with Photo.

    Augie suggested sitting in on each other's meetings to help promote communication. Kiara suggested group outings to promote camaraderie.

    Andy asked how FM markets its work, just through social media? Mimi said they also have new posters for fall with the DJ schedule.

  • UHDS' representative works directly with housing and is focused on making residence halls feel more homelike. 
  • DCE has several small group events it is planning.
  • TV's main goal is to increase and retain volunteers. 

    Kiara suggested putting up fliers at buildings with a lot of traffic.

  • Clubs said many groups struggle to learn about resources and organizational options. We're working on our website and creating graphic fliers and a club manual.


Kiara suggested creating a TikTok with Behind the Scenes reels for groups looking to promote engagement. FM said one does exist for OMN and she is trying to rebuild it. Kiara noted there is also a "Join Your Year" for Snapchat. Augie asked if The Barometer printed QR codes for Instagram, and Katie said yes.


V. Adjournment

Kiara adjourned the meeting at 4:59 p.m.