I. Call to order

OMN Assistant Director Steven Sandberg called the meeting to order at 4 p.m. 





Zachary Kowash, Center for Fraternity & Sorority Life

Kiara Guerrero, DCE

Gigi Baldonado, proxy for KBVR-TV

Mukund Sammi, Clubs & Orgs

Megan Ho, OSUPC

Sailor Tungkawachara, Prism (on Zoom; arrived at 4:15)

Andy Arnold, ASOSU

Augie Schoonveld, UHDS

Emma Coke, Beaver's Digest

David Seaton, Student at Large

Chaya Barratt, DAMchic

Jill St. Jacques, SWLF (on Zoom)

Noah Evans, proxy for The Barometer

Mimi Jeandheur, KBVR-FM


Journalism adviser Jennifer Moody was in attendance to take minutes.


II. Mission reminder

Sandberg gave an overview of the board's purpose and mission; to make sure OMN programs are representing the university and giving voice to those who historically have been marginalized, and to choose the best people each year for each medium to accomplish that mission. Meetings will be public and held each month. 


III. Introductions and check-ins

Each student leader of an OMN medium gave information about their specific areas:

  • DAMchic is finishing its fall magazine and starting on winter, which has a Cultural Center theme. The team will work with OSUPC on its fall launch party.

    Kiara noted many students may not have access to their traditional clothing while here at OSU and asked whether they could still participate. Chaya said yes, that's the hope, and that maybe the community could help.

  • The Barometer just published its October edition and is working on a special collectors' edition for Nov. 16. No more Rivalry Game! We are also working on finding ways to make our work accessible to people with vision limitations, having people read stories aloud. Will be working with KBVR-FM on this for starters. 

    Andy suggested also working with theater students to read copy.

  • Beaver's Digest just finished its fall issue and is looking for ways to promote the publication because it won't be having launch parties. 

    Andy suggested connecting with the residence halls, working with Drew Morgan on distribution.

  • FM had 79 people show up wanting to be DJs, but could accommodate only 27 for this term for training. They also have several new podcasts. The challenge is to get them put up regularly; hard to get students to follow a schedule. 

    Andy asked how FM markets its work, just through social media? Mimi said they also have new posters for fall with the DJ schedule.

  • TV has seven shows in production now, including Music to Our Ears, Mixed Signals and Locals Live. The Hawaiian Club is going to do two talk shows. TV is looking for more ways to connect with the community.

    Kiara said the cultural centers also are looking for performers for events. She recommended connecting with leader liaisons on possible partnerships. Augie suggested TV go out and talk with people or film OMN commercials with random students, to promote what TV does and get more students to be a part of it and go looking for themselves and their friends.

  • Prism is working on a mix tape of audio art. Kiara said the Women & Gender Center is collecting recipes and may be interested in a collaboration.


IV. Electing a chair and vice chair


Steven opened the floor for nominations for a board chair. Zachary nominated Kiara and Andy seconded the motion. During discussion, Chaya asked whether Kiara would be open to taking on the position. She said she would, depending on the time commitment. Steven said he would meet with her for about half an hour before each meeting and she agreed. The vote for Kiara as chair was unanimous.


Kiara took over meeting duties and opened the floor for nominations for vice chair. Zachary self-nominated and Noah seconded the motion. There was no discussion. The vote for Zachary as vice chair was unanimous.


V. Adjournment


Kiara adjourned the meeting at 4:44 p.m.