I. Call to order

Chair Kiara Guerrero of DCE called the meeting to order at 4 p.m.





Vice Chair Zachary Kowash, Center for Fraternity & Sorority Life

Mimi Jeandheur, station manager of KBVR-FM

Steven Sandberg, assistant director of OMN

Andy Arnold, ASOSU

Silvester Omondi, succeeding Mukund Sammi, Clubs & Orgs

Kate Zaine, station manager of KBVR-TV

Megan Ho, OSUPC

Augie Schoonveld, UHDS

Natalie Sharp, Beaver's Digest

Abigael Craig, DAMchic

Katie Livermore, editor of The Barometer

Jay Enghauser and Saiun Tungkawachara of Prism

On Zoom: Jill St. Jacques, SWLF; and John Larison, SWLF


Also present: Danny Fulgencio, adviser for Prism


Not present:  Jaskaran Singh Sidhu, INTO; and Student at Large


Journalism adviser Jennifer Moody was in attendance to take minutes.


II. One-minute check-ins

Members took turns updating the rest of the board about their areas. 

III. Prism personnel change, discussion

Steven introduced Jay Engstrom, formerly assistant editor for Prism, and Saiun Tungkawachara, formerly editor in chief of Prism. The two have asked to swap management jobs and were seeking formal board approval. 


Steven asked Jay to outline their vision for Prism. Among the plans:

  • Looking to offer opportunities beyond traditional "art" (watercolor, photography) and add mediums such as music and puzzles.

  • Build community with OMN; more joint events with other mediums through creation of podcasts and TV shows.

  • Build community with the rest of campus; seek out partnerships with Ecampus, for instance.

  • Build social media audience and reconstruct website.

  • Post content year-round.

  • Work more closely with Creative for the magazine.

  • Keep 15-20 volunteers active through term-by-term projects to help keep them engaged, particularly post-magazine release

Jay also noted this year's magazine theme is "Storytellers," and the outline will be roughly seasonal: moving through lighter, happier artwork of spring to the darker, chillier elements of winter. This year's launch event will be an interactive event similar to the Van Gogh show, using projectors and sound to create an immersive experience. 


The ultimate goal is to increase exposure to Prism, so that fewer people will have to ask next year's editor what Prism is. 


Board members were invited to ask Jay questions. Silvester asked whether there are plans to connect more with clubs. Jay said one event coming up has to do with setting up typewriters in the Moreland lobby to type material on site, on demand. 


Kiara asked what Jay is most excited about. They said building the volunteer base. Prism is the smallest OMN medium in terms of paid staff, and the plan is to get the word out to more people and build more of a consistent community, through art projects such as building 'zines and making collages of old issues.


Augie asked Jay what they want Prism to look like after graduation; what legacy they want to leave. Jay said they would love to encourage more volunteers to join, to connect with Ecampus and to move forward with podcasts and TV shows. In a followup, Augie asked whether the Ecampus connections might extend to Cascades students and/or graduate students, and Jay said yes, although they would need to figure out how, especially for Cascades. 


Kiara asked what challenges Jay expects to face with trading positions with Saiud. Jay said the two communicate a lot and that the dynamic really hasn't changed; Saiud still loves the big picture and focusing on the creative events, while Jay is good with planning and logistics and sending emails. Both can continue with their strengths. 


Silvester asked whether Prism has data on what gets seen. Jay said they could provide pickup rates after distribution in spring. They did not immediately have last year's rates. They noted their Instagram likes are up.


Andy asked how Prism plans to boost its online presence. Jay said the review committee places submissions in the categories of "yes," "no" and "other," to keep a list of materials that for whatever reason don't make the magazine but are still worthy of showcasing. Those may make good online posts. For instance, Jay said, Prism had an idea for a scriptwriting contest that could get turned into a podcast. 



IV. Prism personnel change, vote

Steven asked whether the board wished to discuss the change in personnel in a closed session or whether it preferred a public vote, and, if the latter, whether it wanted paper ballots. Kiara made a motion to vote in public, which Zach seconded. This passed unanimously. Then Mimi made a motion to have the vote by a show of hands, which Kiara seconded. This also passed unanimously. Kiara then called for a vote on whether Jay should become Prism's editor in chief and all voted in favor with no opposition.

V. Election procedure and March meeting

Steven gave a brief presentation reminding board members on the procedure to elect new student leaders this spring. The process usually takes two meetings of roughly two to three hours each.


Applicants upload a resume, cover letter and short presentation as part of their applications. These are made available to the board ahead of time to review. Election Night is meant for each applicant to spend a few minutes answering board questions before the board adjourns to closed session to deliberate. Votes are taken in open session.


Steven suggested elections take place the week of April 8. Kate mentioned a lot of classes are Tuesday and Thursday, suggesting a M-T or T-W schedule to reduce class conflicts. Kiara suggested the Friday be avoided, and Silvester said evenings would be better than an afternoon election.


Kiera suggested April 10-11 from 4 to 7 p.m. Mimi can't do April 10 but Steven said KBVR could be done on the 11th and reminded board members they can send proxies. This received general agreement. 


Steven asked when, given the schedule for finals, dead week and spring break, the board would like to meet in March. Members chose March 5.


Steven said the student leader applications probably would open on March 4 and will be given to board members as they come in.


VI: New business

Augie noted UHDS is hiring a new Resident Director and is restructuring its hiring process because some people have left, so it's reconfiguring who does what. He also mentioned planning for a Casino Night is in the works and volunteers will be welcome. 


Katie mentioned she has been trying to reach representatives from UHDS for a story and hasn't heard a response. Kiara suggested Drew Morgan as a place to start. Augie agreed but said UHDS staffers are limited in what they can say and can say nothing without permission.


Zachary noted that elections are beginning and asked Andy to talk about that. Andy said yes, people can apply to run until Feb. 5. Andy said several people are applying for the president and vice president positions but 18 senators are needed, along with a Student Fee Committee chair and five SFC at-large members. The official campaign period has begun and voting can start Feb. 19. Steven reminded the board that KBVR-FM can do public service announcements. 


VII: Old business



VIII. Adjournment

Kiara adjourned the meeting at 5 p.m.