OMN equipment is available for free checkout for all OMN students, to use on OMN productions.

To begin checking out equipment, please take the required field equipment trainings through OMN.

Contact Steven Sandberg at [email protected] for all questions related to equipment.



Panasonic Lumix GH5 camera. Shoots video in 4k.

Accessories include: battery, charger

Comes with battery, battery recharger and lens.

*User manual available for check-out.

Accessories include: SD cards, batteries

Nikon D4

Accessories include: CompactFlash card, battery


Nikon D610

Accessories include: SD cards, batteries

Comes with battery, battery charger, onboard condenser microphone.

*User Manual available for check-out.

Accessories include: camera rain covers, tripods, and headphones.

GoPro Hero 3 and GoPro Hero 3+ cameras

Available accessories include: MicroSD cards, remote controls, waterproof case, mounts, sunction cups, headstraps


Samsung Gear 360 cameras

Accessories include: tripods, microSD cards

Canon 50mm Prime Lens

Lens adapter (Nikon lenses to Canon bodies)

Nikon Lenses

  • 300mm
  • 70-200mm
  • 80-200mm

Camera Slider


AlienBee Flash

Backdrop stands and white paper

Microphones available: Shure SM58 handheld (dynamic), Shure VP64AL handheld (dynamic), Audio Technica Shotguns (condenser), and Audio Technica Lav mics (dynamic).

Accessories include: windscreens, boom poles, and mic clips.

Works with all dynamic microphones available for check-out. Full wireless systems are available as well.


*Operation Manual available for check-out.

  • Blue Yeti
  • Fifine USB Microphone

All USB microphones come with USB cables

Headphones also available

Ikan light kit includes LED lights, stands, and power cables.

Accessories available include: reflectors.


Genray LED camera-mounted top light

  • Small tripods (fits DSLR cameras)
  • Large tripods (fits Sony NXCAM and larger video cameras)
  • Ikan motorized gimbal
  • Smartphone motorized gimbal
  • Steadicam Merlin manual gimbal
  • Steadicam Vest
  • Varizoom Shoulder Brace
  • Monopods
  • Gorilla pod

Cables include XLR (audio cables), right angle XLR, BNC video cables

Sandisk SD cards (ranging from 16gb to 128gb)

Micro SD cards

Card readers

USB cables

Field Equipment Checkout Policies

  1. Students are required to be certified on field equipment (lighting, audio, NX5 cameras, DSLR cameras) before being granted checkout privileges.
  2. When a student checks out equipment, he or she is responsible for any damage and on-time check-in. All maintenance issues or damage must be reported to the Equipment Coordinator at check-out and check-in.
  3. All Orange Media Network equipment is to be used for OMN productions only, and may not be used for class projects or personal use.
  4. A student may not check out equipment for another student to use. 
  5. Students may check out one camera and associated accessories per student at any given time.
  6. All equipment must be attended to at all times when used in public spaces. Gear cannot be left unattended for anything longer than a bathroom break.
  7. Any equipment checked out must be turned by 4:00 pm the next business day. If equipment is checked out on Friday it is due by 4:00 pm on the next business day.
  8. If a student returns equipment late without prior approved arrangements, or leaves gear unattended The Three Strike Rule* applies as follows:
    • First Strike:   Loss of checkout privileges for two weeks.
    • Second Strike: Loss of checkout privileges for two weeks, and referral to their student manager for write up
    • Third Strike:  Recommended termination from OMN
  9. Students are encouraged to plan ahead and consider their class schedules when checking out equipment. Gear will be available for check-out and check-in during posted hours, unless prior arrangements are made with the Facilities Coordinator.

The severity of violations is subject to review of the OMN Director. Some violations may fast track a student to a third strike.