If one thing has become clear this term, it's that even a pandemic can't stop OMN students. We are amazed at the creativity, drive, adaptability and leadership shown by OMN's teams over the last two months.

Now's your chance to lead OMN into the future.

OMN is now hiring for student leaders for the 2020-21 school year. To answer any questions you may have about the Student Leader Hiring process, please read the information below.

Recorded Presentation Guidelines

  • Recorded presentation 3-5 minutes; not exceeding 7 minutes

  • Be as creative as you like but, prioritize addressing all points to cover

  • Must be submitted with application by Monday, June 8 by noon.

Points to Cover

  • How do your goals for your chosen medium/cohort align with OMN's mission statement?

  • What will you change about the medium/cohort to address current shortcomings? 

  • Don't spend too much time on your biography, we'll have your application

Advice for Applicants

  • Don't think your goals for your chosen medium/cohort need to be huge groundbreaking initiatives aimed at technical excellence. You should speak about what you're passionate about improving, and be realistic but optimistic. 

Contact Information for Advisers and Current Student Leaders

Alex Luther - Sports Chief - omn.sports@oregonstate.edu

Nyjah Gobert - Photo Chief - omn.photo@oregonstate.edu

Bingyuan Zhou - omn.marketing.lead@oregonstate.edu

Steven Sandberg - Interim Assistant Director of Student Media - steven.sandberg@oregonstate.edu

Jen Moody - Journalism adviser - jennifer.moody@oregonstate.edu

Velyn Scarborough - Assistant Direct of Advertising, Marketing and Creative - Velyn.Scarborough@oregonstate.edu 

Candace Baltz - Director, OMN & ELA - Candace.Baltz@oregonstate.edu

Additional Questions for FAQs: 

Q: What is the format?

A:  Elections - Thursday & Friday, June 11 & 12 

  • Prism Editor-in-Chief

  • DAMchic Editor-in- Chief

In regards to what the election days will look like:

  • OMN Advisory Board will watch the applicant videos prior to election day.

  • Applicants will join their scheduled zoom call

    • Interview for 10 minutes

  • 15 minute deliberation and discussion takes place for a medium/cohort after all applicants’ interviews have concluded

Q: What should I focus my presentation on?

A: Focus on your vision to move the OMN Mission forward and serve the OSU campus community, and how you will execute it. Board members will already have a copy of your resume, so don’t spend too much time on that.

Q:What does the board want to know?

A: They want to know how you will build up others, make teams better than the sum of their parts, and handle conflict. 

Q:What does it mean to be an OMN student leader?

A: Becoming a leader is to shift your focus from being a creator to being someone who helps to create the environment where other creators can thrive and reach their potential. 

Q:What is the timeline?

A:  Applications close at noon on Monday, June 8

  • Election presentations: Thursday & Friay, June 11 & 12, time TBA
  • Onboarding and Boot Camp (delivered virtually): More information will be provided in September.

  • Hiring of support staff, TBA, dependent on COVID-19 response. 

Q: What does “position, and start date, are dependent on funding” mean? 

A: Due to the still-evolving impact of COVID-19 on the OSU budget and enrollment,  some budget and funding decisions are being revisited and may be different from prior allocations and approvals. As such, start dates for these student positions will be announced as soon as we are able to confirm funding allocations for FY21.

Q: How will I be notified about whether I am selected? 

A: All applicants will meet with their adviser and ELA Director one day after elections to find out if they were selected and to debrief on the process. When we send out the date and time for elections, we will also be requesting that you provide times you are available for the debriefing.