Orange Media Network (OMN) Account Executive (AE)2021 -2022

The Account Executive (AE)is responsible for generating revenue for OMN and managing clients. Each AE must service all accounts within their territory, including but not limited to: (1) outreaching and prospecting leads to grow the business and bring in new clients; (2) designing and presenting sales pitches to business owners and corporate decision makers; (3) developing professional business relationships with those clients so the amount of advertising they purchase grows annually; (4) working to exceed sales goals; (5) creating brand awareness about OMN services within the community, (6) documenting all communications and deals in the CRM (customer relationship management) system and (7) collecting payment.

As an AE, you will get real-world experience pitching product ideas, selling, managing client relationships and honing your soft skills such as communication, problem-solving, critical thinking and leadership.

We are looking for people who are passionate about building relationships, providing end-to-end customer service and learning how to sell.

The Account Executive (AE)employment dates are as follows:
•Onboarding: 5hours per week, $75 per month + commission on closed deals
•Full Start:Stipend of$200 per month plus commission

NOTE: All positions and hours remain contingent on funding availability for the 2021-2022 academic year

•Has a positive attitude and willingness to overcome client objections
•Can think creatively and innovatively
•Has attention to detail
•Can build and maintain relationships with clients, stakeholders, partners, collaborators and the community
•Must have working knowledge of standard PC programs, such as MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
•Is a strong writer, communicator and comfortable with public speaking
•Must complete a Motor Vehicle history check before employment
•Is organized and reliable
•Is comfortable giving and receiving feedback
•Able to remain professional and calm when working with difficult individuals and situations
•Is adaptable to a changing environment. Due to ongoing COVID-19 response needs, some responsibilities in this position description may need to be adjusted to comply with evolving health and safety expectations that are unknown at the time of this posting. Examples may include: studio and other facility use, social distancing requirements, and the need to conduct work remotely or on-site.
•Meets university eligibility requirements, including but not limited to:
   •Must be currently enrolled at Oregon State University for at least 6 academic credits
   •Must have a minimum GPA of 2.0oMust remain in a good academic standing from the term prior to selection and during the entire period of employment
   •Must complete all elements on On-Boarding Curriculum

Preferred Qualifications
•Sales experience

Account Executive (AE)Responsibilities
•Strengthen and create lasting professional relationships with your clients by contacting them in-person, by phone or via email
•Be available for impromptu, in-person meetings and presentations with clients
•Generate new revenue by actively selling advertising, underwriting and other OMN services to current and new clients
•Manage the expectations of your clients
•Be the first contact if any problems arise with your client
•Coordinate and schedule payment for all sold advertisements with the Administrative Program Specialist
•Work to meet and exceed quota
•Accurately enter and maintain information in the HubSpot, BaseCamp and other systems to ensure your sold ads run and mark all cancelled ads as Closed Lost with reason for the cancellation
•Maintain client communications in HubSpot
•Work with clients and creative services to meet all deadlines and ensure accuracy of the advertising
•Make final accuracy and quality checks on all client ads in The Daily Barometer, DAMchic, and all sponsorships and underwriting in advance of going to press or live on air or online, in accordance with deadlines.
•Work with the marketing and creative services team to develop pitch deck, sales collateral and sales proposals
•Grow audience engagement
•Work to ensure that OMN program content is current, relevant, and consistent with OMN’s mission, vision, and policies
•Ensure that you complete all OMN surveys and meet all deadlines
•Act in a professional manner at all times and create and maintain collegial working relationships with fellow student leaders, organization members, sources, stakeholders, partners, collaborators and the community
•Other duties as assigned by the adviser

•Respond to emails, messages, team chats and phone calls the same day, professionally representing OMN
•Notify adviser immediately should any ethical, legal, personnel or controversial problems occur.

•Be accountable to your position descriptions and expectations, and publicly acknowledge and celebrate accomplishment and growth at all levels of the organization
•Be an enthusiastic leader and representative of OMN
•Lead and coach others to be their best
•Work to create an inclusive and welcoming culture of celebration and perseverance
•Ensure designs and content are centered on equitable representation and inclusion, with attention to impact on historically underrepresented and marginalized communities and constituencies
•Attendance must be reliable and punctual

Policies and Procedures
•Follow all OMN policies and procedures and hold all staff and volunteers to all OMN policies and procedures
•Be a collaborator with fellow OMN leaders in the shared use of facilities and equipment
•Be good stewards of OMN resources by ensuring that OMN equipment is only used for OMN work
•Alert professional staff immediately on issues with equipment

CLOSES: Oct, 15, 2021

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