Call to order: 16 total on board: Present- Arman, Velyn, Julia, Tim, Alex, Raheem, Tekla, Jaycee, Vicki, Sophie, Fatuma, Autumn, Jen

Absent: Capriel, Alexsis, Roman,

Proxy: Josh for TV


I. Call to order
II. Introducing the new member
III. Checkin
IV. Student Fees (Alex)
V. Student Leader Election
VI. Collegepad
VII. Adjournment


Student Fees - Alex


Alex - student fee presentation; how process works 

  1. Conflict of interest
  2. Student should be on the SEE board
  3. Allocation of funds

Velyn explains some of the reasoning behind this

Use to be with MU then fees were split we went under SEE not MU 

SLI 2020 gave an initial infusion to OMN reserves but there was a tax on it going from 1 unit to another

Is it all or none or is there some ways we can brainstorm other ways.

Jaycee said she spoke with Candace and was told directors were involved but since her allergies and meetings were optional she didn't attend.

Alex states did talk with ASOSU fee committee on this some what

TABLE THIS UNTIL ANOTHER MEETING - find out where transparency is, what can we do to move forward and make sure there is more transparency.


Tim - Was there wasn’t a vote on whether SEE should become the governing umbrella unit?   And it remains unclear who was/is ultimately responsible for authorizing the shift from 3 units to SEE?


Thank you for all the research you and Jaycee have done on this topic. It’s of critical importance to OMN, in my perspective.


Tekla - Yes — I don’t have anything to add except a lot of questions that come from ignorance

Is this a decision that would have been made at the level of the provosts or… who?


Ie any incongruencies with ASOSU’s constitution?

Sorry — I’d also like to hear how this square’s with extant statutes around ASOSU

Tekla - OSU has a 30% increase in applications this year compared to this time last year — are the budget cuts for SEE going to remain given the (very) likely possibility that there will be a larger student body next year compared to this year?

Tim  - I’d like to see accountability for those who may have violated the ASOSU constitution

For anyone who’s interested in the ASOSU constitution:

Tekla - Then it also seems to me we shouldn’t be asking just for forums and more discussion sessions, but a voting voice in these types of decisions the real power can’t exist behind closed doors

Natalie - Perhaps someone has more insight, and Alex feel free to chime in. But I think a liaison for OMN to the Student Fee Committee would be important

David Park: [email protected]

Bylaw change to next spring?

Elections - Postponed to next week

College pad - we can have as much say as we want? Would also have our name on it we would have a big say on how it is ran going forward.

Arman - They Market housing and keep landlords accountable. If anyone wants to be more involved on Collegepad and talk more.

Adjourned 5:02p.m