Present: Arman, Jen, Jaycee, Julia, Tekla, Alex, Autumn, VIcki Sophie, TIm, Raheem,

Absent: Velyn, Andrew, Caprial, Fatuma, Roman. Alexis, 

I. Call to order - 4pm
II. Student Leader Election
III. OMN Fees Discussion
IV. New Business or announcement?
V. Adjournment


Election Night


Steven explains process (see attached

Student leader positions posted next week ends March 29?

Election Night April 13

Board votes to keep same process of last year.

Election Nights April 13, 4-?pm

Interviews over zoom maximum 10 minutes

Video in advance maximum 7 min,

Do all medium and then go into deliberation


Fees Discussion - David, SFC chair


How is SEE fees being handled?

How is it funded out. They only see the lump some of SEE not individual units. Did break into what services are being funded or cut. Thinks might be a recording. OMN is under ELA. 

Was the SEE - as a committee and organizing body - created througha  vote? If so do you know when?

When was presented were breakdowns included for all the organizations or only a few of them?

Really just talks about unit specific items, high level line items. Mostly just lumped together

Refers to Damoni to answer questions

Determining cuts for this year what was expected for fall next year. Total increase, decrease - difficult to answer we provided advise to budget authorities. 3-5% range for CSL 8% reduction in enrollment so all receiving deficit. 6% now.



SEE Board


OMN rep for the SEE board, Alex and Jaycee working with Steven and Velyn for this. OMN volunteer or paid staff member.

Adjourned: 5pm