Called to order: 4:00 pm
Attendance:  Arman, Andrew, Roman, Velyn, Alex, Ali, Tekla, Jennifer, Jaycee, Julia, Autumn, Steven,  Caprial,  Vicki, Taylor
Absent: Tim, Olivia, Raheem,

Proxy - Zoe for Alex Beavers' Digest


Board Updates





Olivia unable to attend rest of this term

Arman needs to leave early so will fill in

Discuss printing

Select a temporary vice chair until Jan.




Vice-Chair selection


Jen Dirstine self select roman seconded the motion


Meeting times


3 meetings for winter term last Tuesday of every month and continue collaboration Jan 26, Feb. 23, March 2 to determine process whether remote or not. Spring Term  April 6 chair elections, April 13, April 20 election night May 4 if needed for elections. All meetings @ 4pm 



Printing proposals


DAMchic - Best showcased through physical hand held, increase moral between team members and see how work translates into final results. Teach deadlines learning outcome, advance mission of student voices being heard. Cost 1000 issues 2,574 for 44 pg issue. Place advertising to help offset cost. 

Safety - delivered if marketing team doesn't feel comfortable find someone else. Deliver to residence halls 75 total, Greek housing (10 agreed @ 25 issues ea) , open buildings on campus the remaining 600. Print winter issue release early Feb.

VOTE: Passed 

Beaver's Digest - Just launched full magazine compilation of guide information on all mediums. Wanted to print small amount with COVID a lot of students in the dorms. Since students will be gone over break print isolation guide 250 copies $1088 print in winter term put out finals week then broader distribution. 1000 copies $2060 reprint later when students return, span the entire pandemic. Distribution UHDS would distribute, low impact. (Print all at once to see price reduction) then distribute later.

VOTE: Passed

PRISM - Annual addition published in May, 100 pages 3000 copies $8084, term by term saving 1300. More impact full for physical copy for art appreciation. Help with more traditional promoting of Prism. This was more an experimental year don't have any audit data to go by. Be test group for that. Submissions if waiting until May why not continue receiving art. Because a bigger issue need that time to compile so art work deadline Nov. for art entries. How did you come up with 3000 because students will be leaving shortly after May. Its annual would be on racks longer. Recommend having a distribution plan maybe between 1800-3000 is a sweet spot.

VOTE: Passed

Baro - Monthly special issues, 1 month to design as none have designed yet. Do more creative graphics, photos and market it well. Connect with the community and that Baro is still here up the content.  Still have daily on-line. Competitors are currently printing weekly issues going well. Print 3000 a month $479 usually cost 1916. Deliver to UHDS collaborate with special deliveries. Still need to distribute to racks not sure how. Do a page of community events. Sports is back do some features, sports information. Writers and photographers could see their work in print, learning opportunities when in print. Instagram and social media improved. Some pages 36 or more. Distribute to coffee shops. 

VOTE: Passed


Adjourned: 5:09