You are responsible for printing your inserts and delivering them to our press (Albany, OR). Call your account executive for specifications and details.

Minimum 4,000 inserts.

If credit has been established, Orange Media Network will send an invoice after publication. Further billing will include a 1% per month interest charge on any unpaid balances. 

Copy must be submitted before the space reservation deadline. Orange Media Network does not accept responsibility for errors made on advertising accepted after the reservation deadline.

You and your advertising agency (collectively, “Contractor”) shall indemnify and hold harmless OSU and its officers, board members, employees, agents and other representatives against claims, expenses, or losses: (i) that result from Contractor’s negligence, wrongful acts or willful misconduct, or (ii) are alleging Contractor’s services, information or materials supplied by Contactor to OSU under this Contract, or OSU’s use of any of the foregoing infringes on any patent, copyright, trade secret, trademark, or other proprietary right of a third party. This includes but is not limited to any claim arising from publication of Contractor’s material in The Barometer, DAMchic, Beaver’s Digest, the Juice and on Orange Media Network’s website (www.orangemedianetwork.com) that alleges libel, invasion of privacy, commercial appropriation of one’s name or likeness, copyright infringement, trademark, trade name or patent infringement, commercial defamation, false advertising, or any other claim whether based in tort or contract, or on account of any state or federal statute, including state and federal deceptive trade practices acts. Contractor’s indemnification obligation under this Section includes but is not limited to all of OSU’s expenses of litigation, court costs and reasonable attorney fees. Contractor shall have control of the defense with counsel reasonably acceptable to OSU, except that: (i) OSU may join the defense with its own counsel and at its own expense if OSU determines there is a conflict of interest or there is an important government principle at issue, and (ii) OSU’S consent is required for any settlement that requires OSU to pay any money, does not release OSU from all liability from the claim, or adversely affects OSU’s interest.

Terms of Payment

New accounts must pay in advance for advertising for 30 days. Visa, Mastercards and checks are accepted. After 30 days a charge agreement can be completed to establish a billing account with Orange Media Network.

Advertising of a regional, political, entertainment or transient nature, and advertising placed by student  organizations must be paid for in advance. Make checks payable to: The Daily Barometer.

Production Services

Upon request, advertisement proofs will be supplied for advertisements larger than four inches, if copy is submitted five working days prior to publication.

Advertising Photos taken: $10.00 

Reproduction prints of finished ads: $10.00

Contract & Copy Regulations

Orange Media Network cannot guarantee the position of any advertisement within the newspaper. Every effort is made to honor position requests when possible. No credits will be made for unfulfilled position requests.

Orange Media Network strives to publish material that will serve the university community as a whole. Orange Media Network reserves the right to reject advertising that may be offensive or in poor taste, states or implies discrimination, is fraudulent, deceptive, obscene or an incitement to violate national, state, or local laws.

Ads considered to be in violation of this policy will be reviewed by the OMN committee and voted on. Clients will be notified by email.

Advertising resembling editorial material must contain the word “Advertisement” at the top. Inserts resembling editorial material must carry the notation “This entire supplement is paid advertising” at the top of the cover.

To be considered for credit, claims based on real damages must be made to the Business Manager no more than seven days after the first publication of the ad. Credits are given for the first incorrect insertion only, and are limited to the portion of the advertisement in error. Credits shall not exceed the total cost of the advertisement in error.

Minor typographical errors that do not substantially change the meaning of an ad will not be automatically construed as damaging to the advertiser or to the effectiveness of the ad and do not constitute real damages.

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