Tips for writing a PSA that will have the best chance to be read on air:

  • Give us a heads up! Please submit your information at least two weeks in advance. The earlier you let us know, the longer it can play on the air!
  • Keep it short! The entire announcement should be four to six sentences long, about 60-100 words total.
  • Provide pronunciation on names or words to help our narrators.

For questions, contact [email protected].

The physical address of the event.
If you have a tagline or catchy opener for the event, add it here.
If this is a request for a video PSA to play on KBVR-TV, please provide any information on visuals or images you want included in the video (for example, shots of people participating in a club). Not sure what you need? Fill it out as best as you can and our team will contact you.

For more information, contact: (This will be announced at the end of the PSA)

Name of the person the public can contact for more information.
Contact information (if different from above) in case the radio station needs to contact you.