OMN is regularly recognized nationally for the great work of our students! Check out some of our most recent awards below. You can also visit our honors case on the SEC 4th floor across from the elevators to see recent awards.



Short Form Non-Fiction

OMN: A Year From Home
Kevin Coalwell


Long Form Non-Fiction

Geeking Out About It: Twilight Zone
Crew of KBVR-TV


Breaking News Reporting
Anti-abortion demonstration faces pro-choice opposition on OSU campus
By Sukhjot Sal



Corbin Gwaltney Award for Best All-Around Student Newspaper (Large)
The Daily Barometer


Breaking News Reporting
CPD investigating violent incident, OSU seeking to confirm student involvement
By Sukhjot Sal


Feature Writing (Large)
A look at Greenhouse Coffee & Plants
By Colin Rickman


KBVR busts COVID vaccine myths
By Andrew Foran

Inspiration Dissemination: The promise and peril of new plants on Oregon's sand dunes
By Lisa Hildebrand and Adrian Gallo

Third place

Comic Strip/Panel

Student Proved: "Alien"

Derek Snyder


honorable mentions

Newspaper Special Section/Advertising

The Daily Barometer: 125 Years of the Daily Barometer


Sports Feature Story

“Throwback Wednesday: Terry Baker, Oregon State’s historic two-sport star”

Thomas Salgado De Almeida Leme


Magazine Cover

DAMchic: Disquietude

Vicki Liang, Aaron Sanchez, Jacob Le



"Scraping By in the Digital Age"

Drew Taylor


COVID-19 Coverage (Broadcast News or Features)

KBVR Busts COVID Vaccine Myths

Andrew Foran

First place

Best Comic Strip

The Baro: "Student Proved"

Derek Snyder


third place

Best Magazine Cover

Beavers Digest: The American Dream

Staff of Beavers Digest


honorable mentions

Best Audio Talk/Entertainment Program

KBVR-FM: The Aux Cord with DJ Nasty Nate

Nathan Maisonville


Best Editorial Illustration

DAMchic: "Puppets for Sale"

Lanikai Yatomi



News Report: Serious News

Protest, Vigil, Demonstration Held n Front of Benton County Courthouse
Alex Luther, Reporter; Jarred Bierbrauer, Reporter


Short Form Non-Fiction

Behind the Scenes: Locals Live OSU Jazz Ensemble
Josh Saunders, Producer


Long Form Non-Fiction

Inside the Silver Screen Episode 2
Landon Simpson, Producer; Emma Savering, Editor; Teresa Aguilera, Graphics; Kevin Foster, Writer

Inside the Silver Screen Episode 3
Landon Simpson, Producer; Emma Savering, Editor; Teresa Aguilera, Graphics; Kevin Foster, Writer



General News Reporting (Large) 10,000+ Students
LocalBoyz writes down different name for customer despite clear disapproval
By Angela Tam


Feature Photography
Comet Neowise
By Scott Schmidt


Editorial Cartooning
Student Proved
By Derek Snyder



Best All-Around Student Newspaper
The Daily Barometer


In-Depth Reporting (Large) 10,000+ Students
Students take action, push administration to overturn termination of two engineering instructors
By Adriana Gutierrez


Sports Writing (Large) 10,000+ Students

Oregon State wrestlers Rateb, Olmos, Turner, continue to fight for Black Lives Matter in D.C.

By Andres De Los Santos


General Column Writing
The U.S. avoided war with Iran; Reduce waste; Remote education is saving lives
By Haley Daarstad


Through the Multi-Lens with Kase Allouzi


COVID-19: Video Coverage
Ramadan during the COVID-19 pandemic
By Tessa Hoover


Best Magazine Cover

Prism: Displacement

Jae Hyun Kim, Ardea Eichner, Lauren Miller, art by Shae Nguyen


Best Audio Talk/Entertainment Program
Through the Multi Lens

Kase Allouzi, KBVR-FM



Best Four-Year Literary Magazine

Second Place: Prism

Ardea Eichner, editor; Lauren Miller, assistant editor; Jae Hyun Kim, designer; and volunteers & contributors of Prism


Best Four-Year Feature Magazine

Second Place: DAMchic

Olivia Harband, editor; Meaghan Evans, assistant editor; and staff of DAMchic


Best Video Special Event Coverage

Honorable Mention: 2020 ASOSU Debate

Crew of KBVR-TV (Rob Jones, Gabe Reitzes, Jaycee Kalama, Jade Minzlaff, Dyson Dunkl, Andrew Foran, Max Fuller, Hung Tuan, Sam Kuns, Jachob Woff, Austin Kuns, Lucas Burrow, Garret Gravink, Emma Savering, Alex Vo, Adriana Gutierrez, Tessa Hoover)

Best Viral Video

Third Place: Does it Toot? Celery

Wayde Crawford


Best Live Production

Third Place: Locals Live: Honey
Crew of KBVR-TV (Wayde Crawford, Dyson Dunkl, Alex Vo, Rylee Whited, Garret Gravink, Emma Savering, Hung Tuan, Josh Saunders, Gabe Reitzes, Kevin Coalwell, Lucas Burrow, Max Winer, Jonah Bloom)

Fourth Place: Locals Live: OSU Jazz Ensemble
Wayde Crawford, Garret Gravink, Emma Savering, Alissa Liu, Dyson Dunkl


Best Documentary
Third Place: Behind the Scenes: Locals Live OSU Jazz Ensemble
Josh Saunders


Best Comedy
Third Place: Does it Toot? Celery
Wayde Crawford



Short Form Fiction

The Barn
Kevin Coalwell, Director

Long Form Non-Fiction
Locals Live: Honey
Wayde Crawford, Dyson Dunkl, Alex Vo, Rylee Whited, Garret Gravink, Emma Savering, Hung Tuan, Josh Saunders, Gabe Reitzes, Kevin Coalwell, Lucas Burrow, Max Winer, Jonah Bloom

Geeking Out About It: Back to the Future
Austin Kuns, Sam Kuns, Gabe Reitzes, Chance Giguiere, Alissa Liu, Jachob Wolff, Angelina Macca, Dyson Dunkl, Josh Elliott, Emma Savering, Garret Gravink

Geeking Out About It: Star Wars
Austin Kuns, Sam Kuns, Zac Cummings, Jachob Wolff, Gabe Reitzes, Josh Elliott, Garret Gravink, Alissa Liu, Chance Giguiere, Angelina Macca


Sebastian Price

First place - Best Photography
Erick Branner, “Football wins senior night”

First place - Best Sports Photo
Erick Branner,  “Football wins senior night”

First place - Best Graphic
Marcus Trinidad, “Oregon followed by racist past”

First place - Best Website
The Daily Barometer

Second place - Best Section
Jarred Bierbrauer and Alex Luther, sports.

Second place - Best Headline
Morgan Mawn, “University takes responsibility for misconduct of sheep surgeries”

Second place - Best Series
Delaney Shea, Vada Shelby, Michael Eubanks, Tanveer Sandhu (Genesis Hansen arrest)

Second place - Best Sports Story
Jarred Bierbrauer and Evan Baughman, Ten seconds of opportunity”

Second place - Best Cartooning
Lukas Dumestre, “In This Essay I Will”

Second place - General Excellence
The Daily Barometer

Third place - Best Columnist
Lexi Johnson, “My beef with scapegoating meat”

Third place - Best Sports Photo
Claire Nelson, “More than just a rebound” 

Honorable Mentions

Does it Toot? Celery

Wayde Crawford, KBVR-TV


Geek House Vlog 1

Austin Kuns, Sam Kuns, Emma Savering, Jachob Wolff, KBVR-TV

General News Reporting (Large) 10,000+ Students, National SPJ Finalist
Genesis Hansen arrest (series)
By Delaney SheaVada ShelbyMichael Eubanks and Tanveer Sandhu


General News Reporting (Large) 10,000+ Students, and National SPJ Finalist
Genesis Hansen arrest (series)
By Delaney SheaVada ShelbyMichael Eubanks and Tanveer Sandhu

General Column Writing (Large) 10,000+ Students
Lexi Johnson
My beef with scapegoating meat in climate change conversation
The problem with losing our connection to the natural world

Best Student Magazine
Prism: Return
Editor-in-Chief Erin Dose and Assistant Editor Ardea Eichner

Sports Photography (Large) 10,000+ Students
Erick Branner
Football wins senior night

Best All-Around Television News Magazine
Staff of KBVR-TV
Spotlight: Political engagement


Best All-Around Non-Daily Student Newspaper
The Barometer

General Column Writing
Haley Daarstad
OSU's carbon neutral commitment needs more community backing, funding
Glass ceiling still needs to be broken

Sports Writing (Large) 10,000+ Students
Evan Baughman, Jarred Bierbrauer
Ten seconds of opportunity: One 'surreal' moment

Matthew Brooks
Kagan creates culture, focus for team

Sports Column Writing
Alex Luther
Analysis on four of OSU Football's transfer athletes
Potential successful season for OSU Women's Soccer
Pay to Play should not stay as it is

Photo Illustration (Large) 10,000+ Students
Nyjah Gobert
Erasing Our Voices



First Place - Best Podcast
Making Waves
Audrey Kadoya, Erica Suh and Sophia Kea of the Asian & Pacific Cultural Center, and Melinda Myers & Roman Battaglia of KBVR-FM

Third Place - Best Editorial
Luke Heimlich Editorial
The Baro Staff

Third Place - Best TV Promo/PSA
Faces of OMN: Sam Lay
Ziad Elkawlak, KBVR-TV

Honorable Mention - Best House Ad
Damchic Spring Launch Party
Natalie Lutz

Honorable Mention - Four Year Radio Station of the Year


First Place - Best Live Production
Locals Live: The Macks
Crew of KBVR-TV (Garret Gravink, Will Rosch, Chad Hays, Lauren Sluss, Rob Jones, Kurt Nightingale, Sam Lay, Andrew Foran, Ziad Elkawlak, Jon Garman, Alex Vo, Julia Johnson, Andrew Newey, Griffin Thenell)

Second Place - Best Live Production
North by North: Live at Bombs Away
Kat Dykstra, Ziad Elkawlak, Sam Lay, Polly Lisicak and Donald Orr of KBVR-TV

Fourth Place - Best Feature News Reporting (Video)
Food Insecurity at OSU
Ziad Elkawlak and Lauren Sluss, KBVR-TV


Short-Form Non-Fiction
Polly Lisicak, Producer

Spotlight: Food Insecurity
Lauren Sluss, Producer • Griffin Thenell, Director • Caleb Chandler, Host • Rob Jones, Technical Director • Sam Lay, Audio Engineer • Garret Gravink, Studio Engineer • Alex Vo, Video Playback • Alex Niebur, Teleprompter • Will Rosch, Floor Director • Jon Garman, Camera Operator • Elizabeth Casey, Camera Operator • Noah Bucchi, Camera Operator • Ziad Elkawlak, Motion Graphics Editor


Short-Form Non-Fiction

Food Insecurity at OSU
Ziad Elkawlak, Editor • Lauren Sluss, Producer

Make America Think Again
Delaney Shea, Columnist • Marcus Trinidad, Producer

Long-Form Non-Fiction
Madeline Smith, Director • Sara Sargent, Lead Editor • Polly Lisicak, Director of Photography • Sean Fox, Producer • Ameer Fofanah, Producer • Ziad Elkawlak, Editor

Spotlight: Political Engagement
Lauren Sluss, Producer • Rob Jones, Director • Caleb Chandler, Host • Sam Kuns, Technical Director • Austin Kuns, Video Playback • Garret Gravink, Lighting Technician • Sam Lay, Audio Technician • Will Rosch, Floor Director • Alex Vo, Camera Operator • Matt Clevinger, Camera Operator • Maia Barnebey, Camera Operator • Ziad Elkawlak, Crew • Nick Martin, Crew • Max Fulton, Crew • Gabe Reitzes, Crew


Best All-Around Non-Daily Student Newspaper
The Baro

Best All-Around Television News Magazine
Spotlight: Food Insecurity

Television Feature Reporting
Food Insecurity at OSU
Produced by Ziad Elkawlak and Lauren Sluss


Breaking News Reporting
Staff of The Daily Barometer
Oregon State Police identify suspect accused of making threats of violence

General Column Writing
Delaney Shea

Sports Writing
Jarred Bierbrauer, Ben Rosenbaum
Champion on the field and in the classroom

Best Student Magazine
Beaver's Digest

General News Photography (Large) 10,000+ Students
Ramzy Al-Mulla
Battle of the DJs

Photo Illustration (Large) 10,000+ Students
Al Lacy
DAMchic fall issue, pages 28-29

Best Use of Multimedia
Jarred Bierbrauer, Marcus Trinidad
Baro360: Native American Flute Circle

Online/Digital News Videography
Caleb Chandler
OSU Acknowledges Community Members Who Have Served

Online/Digital Feature Videography
Delaney Shea, Marcus Trinidad
Make America Think Again

First Place - Best Newspaper Front Page
3 and Out
The Baro (Lauren Sluss, Zbigniew Sikora, and staff)

Honorable Mention - Best TV Promo/PSA
The Recipe promo
Emmy Markham and staff

Second Place - Best Documentary
Polly Lisicak, KBVR

Finalist - Short Form Non-Fiction
Undocumented and Unafraid
Riley Youngman and Polly Lisicak

Winner - Breaking News Reporting (Large School Division)
The Baro Staff
OSU Walkout Complete Coverage

Finalist - Photo Illustration (Large School Division)
Zbigniew Sikora
3 and Out


Best All-Around Non-Daily Student Newspaper
The Baro

General News Photography (Large) 10,000+ students
Zbigniew Sikora
Students March in Solidarity

Photo Illustration
Zbigniew Sikora
3 and Out

Online/Digital News Videography
The Baro Staff


General News Reporting (Large) 10,000+ students
Richard Steeves and Riley Youngman
DACA Impacts

Best Student Magazine

Television Breaking News Reporting
The staff of the Baro and KBVR
Five Stabbed in Corvallis

Online News Reporting
The staff of the Baro
OSU Walkout Complete Coverage

Online Feature Reporting
Riley Youngman
Trump administration’s termination of DACA program sees local impact

Newspaper Pacemaker
The Daily Barometer
Feb. 13, 2017
Seeing Past Stereotypes

Third Place - Four-Year Literary Magazine of the Year
arise, undertow!

Honorable Mention - Best Display Ad
Goat Yoga

Second Place - Best TV Promo/PSA
Faces of Orange Media Network: Lucas

Second Place - Best Viral Video
Orange Media Network
OSU Students Pronounce Washington Cities

First Place - Best Tweet
The Daily Barometer
Jan. 20, 2017, "Among the marchers are dogs, and this turkey."

First Place - Best News Delivery
Orange Media Network
OSU Walkout Complete Coverage

First Place - Best Newspaper
Category: Four Year Universities, Circulation More Than 10,000
The Baro
Feb. 6, 2017, Closed borders, open campus

First Place - Best Magazine Spread
Beaver’s Digest (Vol 3 issue 2)

First Place - Best Radio Promo
The Bird Nerds Club
Produced by Donald Orr

Third Place - Best Facebook Page
The Daily Barometer

Nominated for Best Photographer/Editor
Lucas Paris and EJ Albaugh

Nominated for Best Talent 
EJ Albaugh

First Place - Best Headline Writing
The Baro Staff

First Place - Best Editorial
The Baro Staff

First Place - Best Sports Story
Josh Worden

First Place - Best Sports Photo
Zbigniew Sikora

First Place - Best Photography
Zbigniew Sikora

Second Place - Best writing
Josh Worden

Second Place - Best News Story
Brian Rathbone, Lauren Sluss, Richard Steeves, Riley Youngman

Second Place - Best Feature story
Carina Burgher

Second Place - Best Sports Story
Brian Rathbone

Second Place - Best Sports Photo
Zbigniew Sikora

Third Place - Best Feature Photo
Josh Lucas

Third Place - Best News Story
Lauren Sluss, Amy Schwartz, Ellie Magnuson

Third Place - Best Website
The Baro Staff

Third Place - Best Audio Ad or Underwriting Spot
Criteria:16 seconds or longer

Third Place: KBVR-FM 88.7 (The Bird Nerds Club)
Produced by Donald Orr

Third Place - Best Self-Promotional Audio Ad

Third Place: KBVR-FM 88.7 (Divine Liner)
Produced by Sean Fox

First Place - Best Sports Column Writing
Brian Rathbone (Plus: 2016 National Award Winner!)

Finalist - Best All-Around Daily Student Newspaper
The Daily Barometer

Finalist - Best Student Magazine
Beaver’s Digest

Finalist - Best Editorial Writing
The Daily Barometer Editors

Finalist - Best Sports Photography 
Zbigniew Sikora
Timmy Hernandez diving touchdown catch

Finalist - Best General News Reporting
Ellie Magnuson, Amy Schwartz, Lauren Sluss
OSU Declared a Sanctuary University