Since 1896, The Daily Barometer has been OSU's premier news source. In that time much has changed in the field of journalism, but the Barometer team's dedication to accuracy and excellence has never wavered. Now a weekly publication with daily online content, the printed Barometer is distributed every Monday, with online and social media content every day.

Camera-ready ad due by noon on Monday prior to publication. Publications go out every Monday while classes are in session.

Standard Ads


  • Black & white or full color printing
  • Reserve back cover for +15% cost
  • Reserve specific page for +15% cost

Ad Sizes

  • Full page: 10.25" x 11.5"
  • Half Page Horizontal: 10.25" x 5.75"
  • Half Page Vertical: 5.04" x 11.5"
  • Quarter Page Square: 5.04" x 5.75"
  • Quarter Page Vertical: 2.4375" x 11.5"
  • 1/8 Page: 5.04" x 2.875"
  • 1/16 Page: 2.4375" x 2.875"

Bulk Discount

  • Discount on 1/8 page or larger ads
  • 10+ ads: 10% off
  • 20+ ads: 20% off
  • 30+ ads: 30% off


  • Camera ready ad in pdf file format due by noon the Monday prior to publication

Special Ads

Pre-Printed Inserts

You are responsible for printing your inserts and delivering them to our press (Albany, OR). Call your account executive for specifications and details. Minimum 4,000 inserts.

Puzzle & Horoscope Ads

Feature your ad within the sudoku puzzle, weekly horoscope, or crossword puzzle! Subject to availability (three spots per issue). Ads can be black and white or in color.

  • Sudoku ad: 5.04" x2.75"
  • Horoscope ad: 5.04" x 2.875" (1/8 page)
  • Crossword ad: 3.70" x 3.79"

Publication Dates & Special Editions

Visit the deadlines page for a calendar of Barometer publication dates, including special editions. Special edition ads are often themed, and space is limited. The 2019-20 special editions include:

  • 9/20/19: Move In
  • 10/7/19: Homecoming
  • 11/4/19: Fall Family Weekend
  • 11/25/19: Civil War
  • 1/21/20: Best of Beaver Nation
  • 3/2/20: Renter's Guide
  • 4/27/20: Spring Family Weekend
  • 6/8/20: Commencement
  • TBD: START (new student orientations)

More Information

For more information and to place an ad, contact your account executive. If you don't have an account executive, contact Velyn Scarborough at [email protected]. To request ad sizes and pricing in an alternative format, contact Velyn Scarborough at [email protected].